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  • Radio-Tower Di-It-Yourself Kit Intallation.

    Private Radio Towers For Better WiFi and Cellular Signals DIY Radio Antenna Towers for Rural and Commercial Buildings This week we installed a 55-foot radio tower just east of Red Deer at Foothills Camp. That's about 5

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  • The Process of Radio Signals Transmission

    Cell phones are very complex and advanced technological devices. Researchers and engineers have spent decades trying to understand the fundamentals of what is required to make mobile calls. In present times it seems that cell phones or smart phones are just about everywhere. Many peop

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  • ​Who’s Buying What: VRT’s Studio Brussel Opts for SmartRadio

    Belgian public broadcaster VRT launches new streams with the platform SmartRaio, SmartProcessing, Orban, VRT, Studio BrusselsAt Belgian public broadcaster VRT, music station Studio Brussel launched a new digital channel, Stubru #ikluisterbelgisch, using Sm

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  • FCC, CISA Ask Governors to Support Communication Networks

    Radio and TV are among essential entities identified by Pai and Krebs. The heads of two federal agencies are asking the nation’s governors to provide necessary access and resources to communications workers during the pandemic. Radio and TV br

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  • LeGeyt Reiterates NAB Opposition to Performance Fees

    In Capitol Hill appearance, he cites local ad revenue as being "currently on life support" National Association of Broadcasters Chief Operating Officer Curtis LeGeyt A music performance fee would not

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  • ​NAB Unveils Service to America Finalists

    The National Association of Broadcasters has announced the radio and TV finalists in their 2020 Celebration of Service to America awards. Of corporate owners Townsquare Media, Gray television and Tegna garnered multiple nominations. The awards, which are

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  • Ohio Broadcaster Pays $8,000 in Consent Decree

    Decision finalizes FCC investigation into unauthorized license transfer An Ohio broadcaster agreed to pay $8,000 as part of a consent decree after purchasing two licenses without consent from the Federal Communications Commission. Earlier this

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  • Different Types of Wireless Communication with Applications

    The term wireless communication was introduced in the 19th century and wireless communication technology has developed over the subsequent years. It is one of the most important mediums of transmission of information from one device to other devices. In this te

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  • ​The Advantages of Two-Way Radio Communication: 3 Types of Devices Pus...

    When you start to compare the two technologies it would appear to be the case that two-way radio systems can offer some obvious advantages over its cell phone counterpart. Reliability is an obvious advantage when you consider that two-way radio sys

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  • ​Radio Communication Procedure for Security

    Radio being used for Secure Communications ProceduresWe all know that communication skills are amongst the most important skills that a security officer can possess. Often, we need to relay messages and information further than would otherwise be possible via verb

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